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       A Time T o Give Honor!

This past week the United Pentecostal Church International lost a tremendous man

of God and Heaven gained another faithful soldier! Since the passing of Rev.  T.L.

Tenney I have shared with Sister Sandra some of the great memories I have had of

knowing the Tenney Family. He was a kind and generous man who took time to

listen to all those “little” people and all the in -between. In my eyes there was no

man who possessed all the qualities of a Godly Father figured as Brother Tenney.

He never allowed positions to effect his attitude in dealing with individuals who may

meet a status quo. What a Father image Brother Tenney left behind. A quote from

the Forward of his book, “The Lord said… Or was that Me?

“Sometimes we humans need help in developing our sensitivity to the voice of God,

finding His direction, and yes, even doing His bidding. It can become easy for

someone to say, ‘The Lord said …’ or ‘It was revealed to me …’ when in fact … the

question must be asked, ‘Was it Him or was it you?’ As my old mentor C.G. Weeks

used to say, ‘If you want to say something, say it. Don’t stick ‘thus saith the Lord’;

at the end unless the Lord really said it. It might just be you.’ From topics like

commitment, and loyalty, and ‘The Purpose of the Anointing to some practical

insights like “When it’s Time to Change Trains’ and Some Things I’ve Learned’ –

hopefully not all of this will fall under the ‘seldom heeded’ category.

“Much of this was written from my personal vantage point. Some of it may be water from other wells. As much as possible, I attempted to credit other authors and quotations. However, sometimes the things we read and hear become so much a part of us that it is difficult to determine their original source. I trust those quoted but not noted will count it a compliment that their words were so ingrained into this author to make such a lasting impression.

“Read it and weep! Read it and laugh! Read it and heed it! It’s just some more advice … unasked for and seldom heeded.” And his pen is now silenced …. But he is one man that made his mark on my life and I’m thankful! Here is a quote from the same book …

“You’ll always have to put up with the ankle bites of lesser men when you succeed in the kingdom.” T.F. Tenney  

Never give up or give in ...

                              -Pastor Ron